MESI Woodshop All Natural Wood Condition Application Instructions

Application Instructions

Using a clean white cotton cloth (At MESI Woodshop we use a 2500 fine grit sanding pad):

  • Sparingly apply a little MESI wood conditioner (either to the cotton cloth or sanding pad)
  • Gently rub the wood conditioner onto both sides of the surface using circular motions
  • Once the piece is covered, wipe the surface from end to end removing any excess conditioner
  • Let the piece rest for 30-60 minutes allowing the conditioner to be absorbed into the wood
  • With a clean white cotton cloth, buff the surfaces until all excess conditioner has been removed and the piece is smooth to the touch

MESI's all natural wood conditioner has a Carnauba wax as its base and is vegan, as it is derived from the leaves and buds of the Brazilian palm tree Copernicia prunifera.

Ingredients are limited to: Mineral Oil, Carnauba Wax and a touch of 100% pure lemon essential oil (which helps prevent bacterial build up on wood)

Wood is organic, if properly cared for will last a lifetime 

Link to MESI All Natural Wood Conditioner