Collection: MESI Handcrafted Cocktail Infusion Kit

Here at MESI Woodshop & Spice House we only use natural ingredients in our cocktail infusion kits and you can taste it!

From the grill, smoker, fire pit to the kitchen, there's no better complement to our shop's creations (cutting boards, serving trays, charcuterie boards, knife holders) than enjoying a MESI handcrafted cocktail.

And now for a little education:

MESI infusion kits include all the dehydrated fruits, berries and other ingredients so you can slowly rehydrate (the process of steeping natural organics), to extract their aromatic and savory properties into your favorite mixer (alcoholic/nonalcoholic).

Making a MESI infusion is simple: Pour your favorite spirit into the mason jar, give it a little shake (now and then), place in the refrigerator for at least 3 days (feel free to leave it in longer if you'd like), then based on the mix, strain, add ice, garnish and enjoy or mix with other spirits or soda's.

It's only natural!

  • Warning! Infused alcohol has high alcohol levels. These infusions are pure alcohol with the flavors and essences of whatever you’re soaking. Did you know you can also use these infused alcohol recipes as mixers too.