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Wood Tables

MESI only handcrafts bespoke designed tables (you provide the specifications). Working with you, we will design the table of your dreams whether it be round, oval, square, rectangular to even multi edged. It doesn't matter if it's a coffee table, conference room table, dining room table, end table or farmhouse style table, we'll sit down with you, select the species of wood to be used, define the tables dimensions and finish as well as base legs. 

At MESI Woodshop we design our pieces to last a lifetime. Tables, such as trestle style, (tables with large over hangs) are designed with breadboard ends. Breadboard ends are boards secured perpendicular to length of table  and add structural stability helping to prevent the table boards from cupping, which keeps the table structurally sound and the surface flat.

Live Edge Tables

MESI only handcrafts designed live edge tables (you provide the specifications). Live edge tables are just like our wood tables but with an added 3rd dimension of visual appeal. We will source the perfect slab based on your vision, then sit down with you and define the final tables dimensions, finish and determine the best base legs which highlight the live edge top.

 Counter & Island Tops

No kitchen, bar or nook should be without a truly unique counter or island top! Working with you MESI will design the perfect surface to highlight the room.

Cocktail Napkin Drawings

If you have a need for something, whether it be a table, built-in book case, bench or fireplace mantel, sketch it out and send it to us. We'll be glad to work with you and handcraft something special for you, naturally.

Salvaged | Reclaimed Wood

MESI loves using salvaged and reclaimed wood. Whether it be barnwood or wood repurposed from other sources, we'll find and and bring new life to it. MESI relies on local relationships and we have many (many are small business too). Due to this we are able to source the best and most unique materials, with the most dimensional character. 

Resurfacing Wood Items

Do you have a wood surface in need of repair? MESI can refinish many wood surfaces bringing new life back to it. Not all wood surfaces can be refinished but we'll be glad to inspect yours and provide the best way to refinish it.

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