MESI "Fine Print"

And now a little MESI “fine print.

Thank you for your interest in our handcrafted items.

The item(s) you receive may differ from the item(s) you select throughout this site. The item you receive may have different wood grain variations, tonal color or even other characteristics such as knots, voids even finished size. This is purely natural. Natural variations in wood are normal and are sought after (allowing our creativity to flourish). This means you truly are receiving a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted original item (not a mass produced piece like other wood shops sell).

At MESI, we strive to use the highest quality wood, whether it be salvaged, repurposed or premium grade. Natural variations in woods are normal and depending on their species will vary considerably. Knots, color, grain and voids are sometimes intentionally selected for their visual appeal but not always available for all items of similar design.

Natural, handcrafted wood products are also susceptible to changing over time. Shrinkage, expansion, warping, cracking does happen. Variables such as the environment the item is used or stored, as well as UV exposure and other environmental issues will naturally “shift” woods appearance over time.

This is only natural!