Collection: MESI Handcrafted Dehydrated Dog Treats


Here at MESI Woodshop & Spice House, only the highest quality fresh and natural ingredients are used while handcrafting our best friend's treats. We're very selective while choosing the ingredients we use and when possible we'll choose locally sourced!

MESI’s handcrafted pet treats are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and we hear, taste great, too. We dehydrate at low temperatures to preserve their natural goodness. We slowly dehydrate what we sell (sometimes over 24 hours). We'd never speed up the process just to cut corners, furry friends wouldn't stand for it.

Our dehydrated treats are all natural, with no additives, preservatives or artificial colors. There is no sugar added. Just 100% pure taste.

These healthy treats are great for spoiling your best friend or using as positive reinforcement during training. 

It’s only natural!