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MESI All Natural Wood Conditioner

MESI All Natural Wood Conditioner

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MESI takes pride in the craftsmanship of every item we sell and this includes our wood conditioner, which is formulated with food grade, all natural ingredients. There are so many wood conditioners on the market (and I've tried many) and I don't understand why "chemicals" need to be a part of the recipe.

MESI's all natural wood conditioner is chemical free and has only 2 natural ingredients, Carnauba Wax (Brazilian palm trees) & Mineral Oil

When I serve food prepared on a cutting board, I'm not going to serve my family something which may have been prepared on a surface which was treated with something other than natural ingredients. This is why we formulated our wood conditioner the way it is.

The MESI All Natural Wood Conditioner has a wax base and goes on smoothly (a little goes a long way so use it sparingly). But best of all, after applying it to a wood surface, your hands feel silky smooth!

Food grade natural ingredients: Mineral oil, Carnauba Wax (nothing extra, no additives, preservatives or dyes)

Care: Apply MESI All Natural Wood Conditioner liberally over the entire surface using a cotton cloth. Let conditioner sit 30 minutes, then wipe off any excess wood conditioner which has not penetrated the surface. Treat surface regularly with MESI Wood Conditioner to keep the wood looking its best.

Special Features: 3.0 oz round metal screw top aluminum container

Link: MESI Woodshop All Natural Wood Condition Application Instructions

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