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Herb Stripper / Pasta Measuring Tool | Hardwood

Herb Stripper / Pasta Measuring Tool | Hardwood

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This gorgeous hardwood herb stripper / pasta measurer quickly strips herb leaves off their stem. Great for herbs such as Basil, Kale, Rosemary, Thyme... Just insert the stem, root first, into the hole the stem fits and pull. Or grab a small hand full of pasta and measure as indicated.

This herb stripper / pasta measuring custom designed piece includes 9 different sized holes to choose from.

Wood Species: Bubinga

Appearance: Rich natural colors with a smooth and silky surface. The surface has been treated with MESI's All Natural Wood Conditioner.

Special Features: 7 sized holes to choose from

Care: Wipe with damp cloth as necessary. As needed, apply MESI All Natural Wood Conditioner liberally over the entire surface using a cotton cloth. Let conditioner sit 30 minutes, then wipe off any excess wood conditioner which has not penetrated the surface. Treat surface regularly with MESI Wood Conditioner to keep the wood looking its best.

Links: MESI Natural Wood Conditioner | Bubinga

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