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Hand Held Bottle Opener | Whiskey Barrel Stave

Hand Held Bottle Opener | Whiskey Barrel Stave

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This bottle opener is hand crafted from a reclaimed oak whiskey barrel stave with a piece of the original reclaimed metal barrel band attached. One can only imagine the history the barrel has had. The darker side of the handle, the inside of the barrel, has the natural staining created as the alcohol fermented. The front side, or the outside of the barrel, is naturally aged due to the barrel reacting with the environment where it was placed.

On the top of the opener is a premium chromed bottle opener, attached to the bottom is a leather cord (so you can hang it on a hook and proudly display).


Wood Species: Reclaimed Oak

Appearance: Rich in texture, natural oak with a poly finish

Special Features: Chromed bottle opener, metal barrel band, leather cord

Care: Wipe with damp cloth

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